Collection: Chicken Coops & Such

CHICKEN COOPS... They come in all shapes, sizes and price points.  The first coop I built (by myself because I so badly wanted chickens) was a simple yet functional "A" frame and did the trick. Having raised chickens for decades, I believe a chicken coop should be functional, safe and have ease of use for the keeper.  Beyond that, a coop should fit your individual taste and budget.  
Whether you raise show birds, heirloom chickens, have high flying Leghorns, floor dwelling English Orpington or are raising meat birds for food; we have you covered.  With the backyard chicken industry having exploded over the past decade or so, chicken coop builders and plans have popped up everywhere!  Truth be told, some of these companies who claim to be chicken people, know very little about chickens but take great social media photos.  
The year 2020 was an explosive year for backyard chickens.  As such, the farm was approached to build chicken coops for schools, several families and a few local celebrities!  These were exciting projects that brought me to team up with our very talented Amish builders.  Here we are today, being able to offer our customers chicken expertise, chickens, Non-Gmo Chicken Feed, Workshops AND quality built chicken coops at a very reasonable price. 
See a chicken coop plan you like?  We can make any coop you see on the internet and I will personally guarantee that we will build it with integrity and knowledge... of what is best for your individual flock
Being true to our word since 2014, the goal has and always will be, about the proper care and raising of backyard chickens.
Happy Chicken Keeping~

Lisa Marie