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Cedar Crest Farm

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

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New LOCAL product: Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Larvae of the Black Soldier Fly are loaded with valuable nutrients like protein & Calcium, making them a remarkable feeder for poultry, fish, and reptiles. They can be fed to poultry- live or frozen (use live within about 5 days of purchase). These larvae are hatched and raised in small batches LOCALLY and can be offered to chickens in a dish, on the ground, or added to compost piles to give the girls a more exciting foraging experience! Cedar Crest Farm is to partner with “Return To Earth” to offer this fantastic product. To learn more about the ongoing research being done and the global studying regarding the Immune-modulating qualities of BSF larvae for poultry, head to RTE Facebook page!

Price for 250 count $10.00. (a 50-80% savings of any other brand!!)

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