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Buckeye (Chick)

Buckeye (Chick)

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Available March 1, 2024 The Buckeye, created by a FarmHer in Ohio.  This hardy, sweet tempered girl is a prolific layer, independent and can be a talker.  The pea comb on the Buckeye takes the worry out of frostbite and these birds are very cold-weather hardy.

 Roosters weigh approximately 9 lbs.;

Hens weigh approximately 6½ lbs., and lay upwards of 250 large sized, brown eggs. 

While Buckeyes adapt readily to a variety of living conditions, they do best under free-range or conditions where they have room to move around at some point daily. Because of their active nature, they do not do especially well in small confined spaces. 


Price is for one female chick up to 1 week old. Spring 2024 Vaccination update! , all chicks will be vaccinated for Mareks and Coccidiosis

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