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Cedar Crest Farm

Orpington (English) - Various Colors: (Straight Run)

Orpington (English) - Various Colors: (Straight Run)

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 NEXT AVAILABLE: MAY 8, 2023.      
White Splash Blue, White, Black or Isabel English Orpington- The princesses of the flock. The English Orpington is adored their beauty and grace. These are not your average hatchery Orpington but a TRUE English Orpington!  We specialize in thoughtful breeding of our beloved English Orpington.  Our Blue Ribbon winning flock has been prized in the show world for years!  We pick only the best of the best for our breeding program.  We offer a full range of colors from Black, Blue, White and Buff for our 4H and Show customers.  Also designer colors such as Lavender, Mottled, Isabel, Chocolate Cuckoo & Chocolate for the chicken Fancier.  

Price is for one chick straight run chick up to 3 weeks of age

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