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Cedar Crest Farm

Svart Hona (chick Straight Run)

Svart Hona (chick Straight Run)

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Often referred to as the "Ferrari" of Chickens, one look at the striking beauty of this bird and it is easy to see why!  With their deep black plumage, big black eyes and, well everything on them black, this is one chicken that every backyard fancier should add to their flock at some point.  

Our breeding flock originated from a small island in Sweden from about 24 eggs that were hatched on our farm.  10 years later, you will not find a more sound, deeply black Svart Hona than ours at Cedar Crest Farm. 

Their disposition is sweet, great foragers, super cold and heat hardy and the pullets are decent layers.  For those interested in breeding, the Svart Hona cock makes a great "Project Bird."  Crossed with just about any breed, his dominant genes will be present.  Crossing with an Isbar with result in the very popular "Swedish Bluebar."  

A great addition to any backyard flock!


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