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Cedar Crest Farm

Orpington (English) - Chocolate (Pullet)

Orpington (English) - Chocolate (Pullet)

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English Orpington- Our Blue ribbon line of English Orpington began in 2012 with the famous Marc Sacre, Fancy Chick and Dale Fischer lines.  Over the 10 years the lines have been bred into our award winning, show stopping Cedar Crest Farm English Orpington of today.  What you can expect from this line is a docile breed that is bred to the standard of perfection.  A cobby body with beautiful plumage, slate or black shanks, small heads, 5 point combs on the cocks and small combs on the pullets.  These birds are show quality chickens and are bred for the show ring but whether they are winning blue ribbons or just adorning your yard for your own delight, make no mistake, they will bring your years of enjoyment.  Their personalities are such a joy, they love to be held and pampered, will follow you around like dogs and because they are slow and heavy, do not mind confinement.  While they are not prolific in the laying egg department, they certainly make up for it in the looks and pet appeal department!  Great for families with children.   

Price is for one pullet age 5 weeks and up

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