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Cedar Crest Farm

Everyday Lay (Farm Pickup)

Everyday Lay (Farm Pickup)

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Freshly milled NON-GMO economy layer was developed with the production layer in mind.  Your production pullets have a different DNA than a heirloom or heritage chicken that is slower growing and larger boned. That being said, a "production" layer does not require the higher protien or added sea kelp in order for optimum health.  This complete ration has everything your pullet or hen needs to consistently provide you with a plethora of eggs; without all the fancy additions.  The result is a freshly milled feed without all the frills and a fraction of the cost.  (We recomment adding one bag of Layin' Large as a mix in treat) 

As with our entire line of feeds, this feed is like nothing you will find on the shelves of a farm store. Chock-full of whole grains, roasted and cracked soybean then mixed with warm molasses so that each grain is coated with the whole foods based vitamins and minerals. One look and smell of this feed and you will see the difference. No mystery powders of pellets! Our feed contains a much higher protein level at 18% than most layer feeds. Higher protein boots egg production and gorgeous feathers!

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