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Cedar Crest Farm

Flock Care/Sitting

Flock Care/Sitting

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Want to get away but not sure who to trust to watch over your flock?  Look no further than the experts at Cedar Crest Farm to properly care for your flock while you are away.  Our team of farm loving experts will perform the daily routines required to keep your flock safe and well cared for while you are away.

Daily maintenance includes: 

AM feeding, watering, cleaning out coops, washing and disinfecting drinkers, water bowls and the like.  Opening coops and keeping a keen eye on the behavior of all animals.

PM:  Feeding, ensuring water containers are filled, performing a head count for flock members, locking up for the evening.

We will provide detailed notes each morning and evening for farm owners’ review upon return to their farm. 

Cost varies and a farm visit is required prior to booking.  Please call or email Lisa Marie for more details.

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