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Fermented Feed 3 lb pail (Cool Chick)

Fermented Feed 3 lb pail (Cool Chick)

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Lacto-fermentation occurs when beneficial bacteria (lactobacillus) that is naturally found in the environment (like in soil) interacts with food in the right controlled environment. The lactobacillus converts starch and sugar in the food into lactic acid bacteria (LAB). This encourages the formation of natural probiotics, lowers pH, and prevents growth of harmful bacteria in the feed. Healthy yeasts are also present in wet mash” grain mixtures such as a fermented chicken feed. 

You will receive a 3lb pail of fermented chicken feed, (either Cool Chick or Layin’ Large) that has been perfectly started in a controlled environment.  The starter will continue to make additional batches of fermented feed as long as the directions are followed and feed is properly stored. 

A complete set of instructions will be included with each pail of feed.  This is for a 3lb pail of COOL CHICK 21% starter.  This is the most popular of the fermented feeds, as it has the highest amount of protein and is great for times of stress and molt. 

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