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Cedar Crest Farm

Fire Cider (Immunity Drink)

Fire Cider (Immunity Drink)

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This is one shot you will feel great about throwing back! 

We start with a base of certified organic raw apple cider vinegar which helps extract the numerous beneficial properties of organic roots, fruits and spices.

This has quickly become a hot seller and we have now perfected the recipe .. Fire Cider unleashes the benefits of superfoods: Ginger, Tumeric, horseradish root, onion,black pepper & garlic. To kick up the flavor and the nutrients, we add cayenne peppers for heat, and lemons and oranges for a refreshing undertone. 

We let the mixture steep at room temperature—no heat involved—which preserves the living vinegar culture and allows the nuanced flavors to develop. Then the mixture is pressed to extract as much liquid as possible. Finally, we blend in a generous amount of raw, organic wildflower honey from the farm. The result is a tonic that’s potent but balanced, with distinctive sweet, tart, and spicy notes.

Price per 30 shots

Fire Cider is shelf-stable at room temperature and has a 24-month best-buy date. 

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