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Cedar Crest Farm

Hatching & Brooding School - March 20th, 2024

Hatching & Brooding School - March 20th, 2024

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Hatching & Brooding School

Our Hatching School will include information on everything you need to know about hatching eggs at home and getting your hatch rates over 75%! Led by instructor Lisa Marie Samples, who has hatched over 10,000 chicks in the past 12 years using a variety of incubators and settings. Participants will learn a tremendous amount of valuable information during Hatching School including: Proper egg selection, proper hatching environment, different variety of incubators — from simple foam incubators to professional cabinet incubators, candling of an incubator of eggs in their 10th day of incubation, what happens each day during the 21-day incubation process, what to look for to identify developing embryos and so much more! We will also cover the brooding process after hatch including: in depth proper environment for all seasons, proper staged nutrition, wing sexing, common illnesses and treatments, correcting foot deformities, culling sick chicks, troubleshooting poor hatches and the crucial first few days after hatch. Best of all, Cedar Crest Farm will act as your personal coach during your hatching process, should you need assistance.

Cedar Crest Farm & Feed will have hatching experts on hand to help with the school and to make this a day that will leave you feeling ready to take on your next hatch with confidence!

In addition to all the great information, participants will leave with a comprehensive book on hatching and brooding and plenty of notes for referencing the day.

Cost is $85 per person and includes valuable reference materials, small bites and refreshments

Will you benefit from this school?

You'll love and benefit from this school if...

  • You're thinking you might incubate at some point in the future and want easy to understand instructions.
  • You're new to incubating and hatching and want good, solid, down-to-earth advice.
  • You've incubated and hatched once or twice before and would like to know where and how you can improve.
  • You're experienced in hatching your own chicks but would like to increase your depth of knowledge.
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