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Livestock Guardian Donkey (Jennet - 5 Years Old)

Livestock Guardian Donkey (Jennet - 5 Years Old)

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Spotted Registered 5 year old Jennet . Stands 30”

Due to foal late August. She is extremely gentle. Halter and lead trained and will tolerate a child being led on a saddle. Super sweet disposition.

Livestock Guardian Donkey

Most people think of well-trained dogs when they hear the phrase “livestock guardian.” But did you know that donkeys are excellent herd protectors and the perfect choice for today’s farmer. Unlike their canine counterparts, LGD are a breeze to care for, do not dig, bark, bite or aggressively attack humans and are just an overall joy to be around! These long-eared sassy equines are generally friendly and easy-going – but they’re tough, too. They can be stubborn, territorial, and aggressive towards predators.

Because of this, having a guard donkey around to protect your herds of sheep, goats or poultry can be a great choice, especially for a small ranch or hobby farm.
While donkeys still provide these valuable services around the world, they’re more useful in developed countries as pets or – you guessed it – livestock guardians.

Long ago, people figured out how handy it was to keep a donkey around their flocks, protecting them from predators and alerting shepherds to danger with their high pitched “hee haws.” This tradition continues today, and a protective guard donkey can be just as effective as a growling guard dog.

Like other prey animals with their eyes situated on the sides of their heads, donkeys have a wide range of vision and hearing, they are tough, stand their ground, are territorial, naturally protective against canines and are a breeze to care for. Since introducing Livestock Guardian Donkey to the farm in 2021, it has become evident that there is a need for excellent quality stock and it is our goal to provide sound, sweet temperament donkeys that we will work with on halter, walking, grooming and training to become the best LG donkey for your farm! Please know that we will never sell a donkey to any farm that will be a sole donkey. This is cruel and no way for these awesome creatures to live. They are pack animals and need at least another donkey to be truly happy!!

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