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Polish (Female Chick)

Polish (Female Chick)

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This sweet and beautiful ornamental breed of chicken is sure to delight your flock with its silly disposition and fanciful self.  A looker she is indeed but with those good looks comes a bit of work.  Some keepers tend to pull her big fluffy crest up off of their eyes in order to allow a full range of vision,.  By doing so, it is said to help with their disposition, as some keepers of Polish claim that by keeping their vision impaired, it can change their personalities due to frustration.  Also, by keeping the crest pulled together with a small band, the crest is kept cleaner & is less likely to be picked at by others. Eggs are on the smaller side but this little lady will give you about 200 white eggs per year. 

May hatch out Silver Laced, Blue or Buff. 

Price is per chick up to 4 weeks

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